Kazuo Umezu or Kazuo Umezz (楳図 かずお, Umezu Kazuo, birth name 楳図一雄), (born September 3, 1936 in Kōya, Wakayama Prefecture, raised in Gojō , Nara Prefecture) is an author of Japanese horror and other manga, as well as a musician and actor.

He had his first book of manga published while still in high school and made manga his career immediately upon graduation. After moving to Tokyo in 1962 he developed his detailed horror manga style and has since published his comics in every genre from horror fiction to science fiction to humour. He won the 20th Shogakukan Manga Award in 1974 for The Drifting Classroom.


Romansu no Kusuri (ロマンスの薬)1962
Benigumo (紅グモ)19651966
Hangyojin (半魚人)1965
Hibiware Ningen (ひびわれ人間)1966
Hebi Onna (へび女)Reptilia1966
Urutoraman (ウルトラマン)Ultraman19661967
Nekome Kozō (猫目小僧)Cat Eyed Boy19671976
Akanbo Shōjo (赤んぼ少女)1967
SF Ishoku Tampenshū (SF異色短編集)19681969
Kage (映像)1968
Chō no Haka (蝶の墓)1968
Osore (おそれ)1969
Shisha no Kōshin (死者の行進)
Orochi (おろち)Orochi: Blood19691970
Iara (イアラ)1970
Kaijū Gyō (怪獣ギョー)1971
Agein (アゲイン)Again19711972Comedy
Hyōryū Kyōshitsu (漂流教室)The Drifting Classroom19721974
Senrei (洗礼)Baptism19741976
Makoto chan (まことちゃん)Makoto-chan19761981Comedy
Watashi wa Shingo (わたしは真悟)My Name is Shingo19821986Science Fiction
Kami no Hidarite Akuma no Migite (神の左手悪魔の右手)God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand19861988
Fōtīn (14歳)Fourteen19901995Science fiction


  • Nekome Kozo (anime television series)
  • Drifting Classroom (movie)
  • Blood Baptism (movie)
  • Long Love Letter: Drifting Classroom (TV drama)
  • Kazuo Umezu’s Horror Theater (6-part TV anthology)
  • Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch (“Hebimusume to hakuhatsuma”, 蛇娘と白髪魔) (1968) (Daiei/Kadokawa Pictures)
  • Mother (film) (director)


In 2016, his manga My Name is Shingo was adapted into a musical. It stars Mitsuki Takahata and Mugi Kadowaki as the lead characters and is directed and choreographed by Philippe Decouflé.

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Kazuo Umezu
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