There is not much information circulating about Uno Moralez, a mysterious fucked up artist from Russia. He has a facebook page, a tumblr blog, and a website that he updates with his pixel art and animated gifs. Most of his artwork is in black and white, reminiscent of some early videogames from the 80s and early 90s, before the 3d revolution took over.

Uno Moralez

While pixelated, Uno’s art is all but lacking details, with a single scene often depicting a multitude of characters, objects, and situations. A single image can be so eventful that the observer needs to invest extra attention in order to fully process all the information in it and grasp the context. This way of chaotic story-telling tells his style apart from that of most fucked up artists from Japan like Takato Yamamoto and Yoshitaka Amano – who focus on calm, standstill character portraits – or Shintaro Kago whose reality is always surreal, distorted and absurdified. 

Uno Moralez

Uno Morale’s artworks, for the greater part, depict what could be real-life situations, which only later escalates into magic realism and often violence – ordinary visions of every day life turn into nightmarish fairy tales. This makes the artist truly stand out from the crowd, as it gifts the admirers of his artwork with an unsettling feeling that the horror he expresses from his imagination is not that far from the horror that does exist in our contemporary world. Moreover, the exquisite attention to details masked under what could at first sight look like a Microsoft Paint 8-bit bitmap drawing imbues Morale’s art with a sense of nostalgia that makes him officially one of our favourite fucked up artists.

Uno Moralez

And his art is not limited to still images – Morale also creates animated gifs. The best way to admire the art of Uno Moralez is to have a look at his website, at his tumblr blog.

Uno Moralez animated gif

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The obscure 8-bit pixel art of Uno Moralez
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